The Oman Smart City Summit will be held under the theme “Empowering Smart Nation” for two days from 28 – 29 March 2017, at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Center. The event will be collocated with COMEX, the prominent event for the IT, Telecom and Technology sectors in its 28th edition.

Oman Smart City Summit aims at various economic and service sectors translating the core concept and value of smart city technologies of linking government, business and social activities to improve citizens’ life and welfare. The event consists of two days’ program divided into four sessions to discuss the following:

  • What is a smart city?
  • How to Build a successful Smart City – Opportunities and Challenges.
  • The Role of Smart cities in the national and socio economy development.
  • The importance of public private partnerships in building smart cities.
  • How telecom operators play a key role in the vision of smart cities.
  • Internet of Things and Smart Cities: Platforms for Innovation.
  • The consumer experience – Smartness equal happiness.
  • The Global best practices of Smart cities – cities case studies.
  • Smart Cities Readiness Guide and sustainability.

In parallel to the summit, an exhibition with extensive meeting and networking events will be held to present innovative technologies and discuss business potentials with local and international decision makers.